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Please note, that we are a Private Ministerial Association, so you will need to purchase an annual membership for $25 ($10 until 6/30/2023), and Sign our Membership Agreement (in person or on-line) to enter the Lounge:

We kindly ask that you review the following as a reminder for your visit:

** Please be mindful when coming into the building and into the EESystem space, of others resting in the room. Soft voices are kindly requested.  SILENCE is requested in the EES Lounge.
** Once in the EES Quantum Healing Zone, we ask that mobile device sounds are turned off and if you must take a call, please exit to the lobby and use hushed voices in the waiting area or take the call outside of the suite.  
** Please be mindful while moving about in the EES Quantum Healing Zone. The screen towers are precisely aligned to create the field. Disturbing this delicate precision alignment (down to 1/100 of an inch) disrupts the impact of the light photon fusion.  DO NOT TOUCH OR COME INTO CONTACT WITH THE EQUIPMENT.

$$$ A $5,000.00 Fee will be assessed to you if the EES equipment is bumped, knocked or disturbed out of alignment by you.  This is what it cost us to have an installation tech team fly out to recalibrate the EESystem.
** Please do NOT rearrange the furniture.
** The best way to experience the benefits while in the EESystem is to take the time in your session to rest. Sleeping, reading, meditating & silent prayer are all wonderful ways to spend your time while you are here.
** We kindly ask that you refrain from wearing perfume, or coming in with any strong scents out of curtesy for fellow members.

** Earplugs are available for you to buffer sounds.  If another member is snoring so loudly that you cannot relax, please come notify staff and we will rouse this ultra relaxed participant.

DOGS:  must love dogs: staff canines may be in the suite and sequestered in the admin office.  Unfortunately, we are not set up to accommodate guest pets yet.  Or, human children.  

VOLLARA air & surface Pro on site: proven to reduce over 99.9% of many common airborne and surface contaminants, including SARS -COV2-RNA Virus, MRSA, H1N1 Influenza, and many more.  View test results at NASA uses this technology.


Appointments are No longer necessary.  You are welcome to Text or Call ahead to reserve a seat for a desired time within the hours we are open.  Be sure to check our New Hours for the summer season and plan your arrivals accordingly to maximize your relaxation time during our open hours.

When it is time to close, we head home.

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