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Energy Enhancement System

A New Era Of Wellbeing

The Energy Enhancement System combines Body, Mind, Spirit & Science to help you achieve peak performance and reach higher states of health, consciousness and self-actualization.

Currently home to the only public 16-Unit BioScalar Energy Enhancement Systems in Nevada County.  Quantum Light Infusion exists to raise the positive vibration of the planet by offering wellness tools that support the body, mind & spirit.  No appointment necessary, walk-ins welcome.

How Does It Work?

The Energy Enhancement System generates multiple bio-active life-enhancing energy fields, including “scalar waves” which can allow cell regeneration, improve circulation and immune function, reduce inflammation, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate moods and assist in balancing R/L brain balance for optimal meditation and sleep states, increasing cell membrane potential, mitochondrial and stem cell activity and energy levels for optimum function. 

Our EES Quantum Healing Zone allows you to lie back in a comfortable chair in the hyper-healthy frequency environment of the EESystem and fall into a relaxed or meditative state.

The 16 field-generating units are precisely aligned to create a quantum bio-photonic field of life-enhancing frequencies that bathe you in pure light energy. Many find this frequency bath to be calming, reassuring and stress relieving.The body responds to the field with its innate wisdom, allowing recalibration to homeostasis. 

Learn more about the EE system here

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